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We offer a backstage pass to our work and the world of F&B development.

StiR.mag is a publication by the Hilton Global Brand F&B Team for our Hilton Team Members Worldwide.

Issue #4

We introduce a handsome new style, go behind the scenes during a cocktail shoot, and discuss transportive design, Proof & Co partnership, sustainable farming, and uniforms.

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Issue #3

Enjoy deep dives into retail, cocktail, automation and low-carbon dining trends with a seasonally suitable coverage of global festive traditions.

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Issue #2

This issue covers lighting design and branding basics for F&B; we spotlight two unique hotels and dive deeper into the pop-up bar trend.

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Issue #1

StiR.mag’s inaugural global issue. Featuring wellness and membership trends, a spotlight on listening bars, and Filipino & Indian cuisine.

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