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About / Introduction

Nature’s bountiful orchestra. Ayda is a new venue for Cairo, inspired by Verdi’s Aida opera and combining the concept of a musical masterpiece with the work of Mother Nature.


Our storytelling starts deep within the soil, the depths of the ocean and vast land masses on earth. This is nature’s kingdom, where Mother Earth ‘Gaia’ harmoniously creates the perfect orchestra for our nourishment, pleasure and enjoyment. Colors are bright, flavors are fresh and textures heighten our senses. All day, everyday, nature’s harvest table will nourish you to celebrate life. Welcome to Brasserie Ayda.

The team displays skillful mastery with menus, showcasing the freshest ingredients ‘from the Orchard’ or ‘Roasted to Perfection’, all the while sharing special stories of the sourcing and creation of these extraordinarily beautiful dishes.

The ambience is friendly yet elegant and the product is underpinned by a strong sustainability story. The open kitchen and vibrant bar infuses a buzzing energy into the space from lunch through dinner and a DJ after sunset carries the magical mood into the night.

Ayda provides a relaxed haven for replenishment, solace for the overwhelmed, and vibrant energy for those needing an uplifting party atmosphere with friends, pool-side.

Summary Statement

Generously abundant. A sophisticated brasserie serving an eclectic ‘Mediterranean-without-Borders’ menu that provides a haven of escape to guests.

Cuisine Notes

“Mediterranean without borders” showcasing the freshest ingredients.

Meal Periods

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner | Late


Waldorf Astoria Cairo Heliopolis