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About / Introduction

The sweet life. This is the beginning of a love story with a luxurious patisserie-café where you can enjoy the moment, however you arrive. A place where you can unfurl from life outside of the delicious surroundings you find yourself in.


Lovely hedonism. The relentless pursuit of (sweet) pleasure. Eating cake should just be… eating cake. It shouldn’t be ‘bad’, it shouldn’t be a sin. It shouldn’t mean so much, every time. Or, rather, we want the meaning to change. We want it to mean, “Yes!” We want it to mean chocolate and cherries and ice cream and happiness. We want it to mean play and pleasure. We want to eat it defiantly. With breakfast. Whenever the moods strikes. We want to eat it without having to think about it.

Ledoux’s pastry chefs focus on providing the best possible experience to guests by using clean ingredients that have been sourced with an honest, artisanal approach. Ledoux dazzles guests with an ability to tease the best out of ingredients.

Savor a sweet treat at this luxurious patisserie-cafe offering a decadent sensorial experience. Home of the most extensive cake display and the signature Waldorf afternoon tea.

Summary Statement

A sweet escape into a non-judgmental, pastel-hued, European Patisserie-Café that offers a decadent sensorial experience and craftsmanship, delivered with care.

Cuisine Notes

European Patisserie-Café.

Meal Periods

Breakfast | Lunch | High Tea


Waldorf Astoria Doha West Bay