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About / Introduction

Part brasserie, part café, part wine bar, Brasserie Babou combines the charm of an ‘old school’ brasserie with modern design elements to create a progressive yet relaxed all-day eatery.
A place where trendy locals (and their families) mingle with delighted travelers, at all times of the day, where the ambiance, food and service combine to make one truly feel at home.


Your Eccentric BFF. Eccentric. Fun-loving. Impeccable. Personified by Dali’s Ocelot, there’s always that friend who can stand out from the ordinary. The one who lifts you out of any funk, or without whom a celebration is not complete.

We delight in the sensory and sensual experience that we surround ourselves with and we freely invite others to enjoy our bounty with us. Babou is about “forming attachments” and enjoying life (together), to the fullest.

Babou loves the best of everything – knowing, seeking and sharing “truffles of delight” within whom we can ignite a similar passion. You will find our wildly creative and imaginative abilities rather addictive – from our constantly evolving, yet grounding menus to our penchant for discovering exceptional, contemporary local artists. Clever fusions of afro-French flavors and foot-tapping, hand-in-the-air, live music weekend brunches. We inspire new trends and this is why we have become your trusted port for new inspiration.

Summary Statement

A beautifully bold, buzzing and modern Afro-French brasserie.

Cuisine Notes

Afro-French fusion.

Meal Periods

Breakfast | Snacks | Lunch | Dinner | Late