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About / Introduction

The nature of things. At WE ARE EDN, our guests will discover the simple truth of both food and community, underpinned by a strong sense of environmental responsibility. Experiences are honest and authentic, no matter the city these global citizens find themselves in, they consider this venue their home, and this group is their people.
A nurtured stomach, the smile of a child, a restful escape, a connection to nature and a high five from a friend.


WE ARE EDN stands for the three pillars of Engage, Develop, Nurture. This is a new brand for DoubleTree by Hilton that talks directly to our guests’ social and ethical consciences, and collective love of nature, sense of belonging and modern lifestyles.

Menus are fresh, familiar and comforting and served with a smile. Food and beverage lists major on a broad range of international favorites, and trend driven foods – over-indexing on bold flavors, flexitarian, vegan and no/lo dishes and drinks. Presentation is colorful and bright, with generous serves and strong visual appeal.

SPIRITED. We are warm-hearted, vibrant and high on life
GROUNDED. We sound real, genuine and super confident
OPTIMISTIC. We have an attitude of positivity and hope

Summary Statement

WHERE YOU BELONG. A new family-friendly all-day eating experience with a big heart and a big conscience. This is a venue for hungry humans that appreciate some stand-out ‘real’ in this superfluous world.

Cuisine Notes

All day food and beverage menus of international crowd-pleasers with bold flavors, generous serves and a distinct sense of place. Drinks play to trends of no/lo mixology, draft serves and artisanal care.

Meal Periods

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner | Late