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About / Introduction

Reviving the glory of an earlier era, Papaya Club is a modern all-day tiki bar offering a whimsical and approachable poolside experience.


Brimming with lush fruits and exotic spices, Papaya Club offers a vibrant, waterside escape along the resort’s crystalline lagoon.

Purposefully eccentric and definitively excessive, Papaya Club is Conrad Orlando’s vintage tiki lounge with a contemporary twist. The relaxed tropical vibe that comes through in the flaming punch bowl, tall carved glasses, and thematic bar décor is what makes Papaya club a place of attainable majesty.

Stocked with exotic fruits, spices, and Orlando’s premier selection of rum from around the Caribbean, this pool bar is an energetic and relaxing place that feels fun and approachable for all. The bar’s atmosphere is convivial, highly social, and simply put: fun. On its surface, the Polynesian vision speaks to the wonder of an outdoor tropical bar. Vibrant and electric, the experience is transformative, a slice of the South Pacific brought to Florida.

Papaya Club is a place where guests surrender their cares in an immersive and thematic experience that whisks away to another time and place.

Summary Statement

An American Tiki experience with a modern interpretation.

Cuisine Notes

Key Polynesian motifs are represented through service pieces and the cocktail program itself. The bar borrows from the core tenets of the tiki movement but presents them in a contemporary.

Meal Periods

Lunch | Dinner | Late


Conrad Orlando