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About / Introduction

A sophisticated cocktail bar and lounge that celebrates Pacific Northwest ingredients imbued with nods to Seattle’s nature and atmosphere.


Seattle is home to a robust cocktail and drinking culture that often presents itself through the lens of quirky, hyper-creative bars that do not conform to conventional rules of engagement. Rosebay can be described as a modern classic and decidedly more refined place to imbibe. It is a unique and worthy addition to Seattle cocktail scene. Rooted in world-class techniques and thoughtful composition, this is a place for a perfectly crafted drink.

Rosebay’s beverage program leans into offering small batch and craft spirits, beer, and wine from Washington and surrounding states. Cocktail recipes speak to the elemental nature of the Pacific Northwest, invoking wild herbs, sea, smoke, and pine. The bar’s environment and menu design nod to the city’s rich history as a center for great music and culture.

Summary Statement

The best mixology talent combined with local spirits and ingredients.

Cuisine Notes

The food offerings at Rosebay are centered around a classic and sophisticated small plates menu and specialty fish and seafood conservas.

Meal Periods

Drinks | Dinner | Late


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